Bonds Casino bonus method, wagering and withdrawal requirements

We will explain the withdrawal conditions and prohibitions of Bonds Casino bonuses, as well as precautions when using bonuses.

Bons Casino Bonus
Bonds casino bonus

Bonds Casino Bonus Types

Bonds Casino Bonus Types
Types of bonuses

Bons Casinobonuses are considered very profitable, especially in the online casino industry.

If you want to receive it, check carefully the details of the bonuses in this chapter.

Let's explain each bonus.

No deposit bonus

Bonds Casino No Deposit Bonus
No deposit bonus
Amount of money4,500 yen (limited to this site)
Bet conditions30 times (limited to this site)
Withdrawal limit12,000 yen (limited to this site)
Bet limitBonus amount 20%
date of expiry3 days
Details of Bonds Casino No Deposit Bonus

* There is no limit on the stakes for bonuses that do not require deposit, but the maximum amount that can be used for one bet is 900 yen.

Bonds Casino's no-deposit bonus of $45 is one of the best deals in the online casino world, so be sure to take it!

Bonds Casino First Deposit Bonus Information

Bonds Casino First Deposit Bonus
First deposit bonus
Deposit amountPercentage of gettingMaximum bonus amountBet conditionsWithdrawal limit
2,000-4,999 yen200%5,000 yen25 times10 times the bonus amount
~ 49,999 yen150%30,000 yen25 times10 times the bonus amount
From 50,000 yen100%¥ 200,00030 times10 times the bonus amount
Details of Bonds Casino First Deposit Bonus

* The expiration date is 30 days.

* There is no bet limit

Bons CasinoHere are the steps to activate the first deposit bonus at

  • Please log in to Bond Casino.
  • Click the "Join" button.
  • Activate the first deposit bonus at Bonds Casino.
  • Then make a deposit and complete.

The most recommended bonus you can use right after signing up is the Bonds Casino first deposit bonus!

The bonus is up to 200 million yen, which is much more than other famous online casinos.

What's more, you can only get 200 free spins as a bonus on your first deposit, but with 30x withdrawal requirements, anyone can easily use it.

Details of deposit bonus

Bonds Casino Deposit Bonus
Deposit bonus
Number of depositsMinimum depositPercentage of gettingMaximum bonus amountBet conditions
Second time4,000 yen5,000 yen100%25 times
Third time5,000 yen30,000 yen50%20 times
4th5,000 yen¥ 200,00050%20 times
5th time5,000 yen¥ 200,00025%20 times
Bonds casino normal deposit amountofBonus amount details

※important point. Bonds Casino bonus withdrawal limit is 15x for the second deposit bonus and nothing else.

To activate the deposit bonus:

  • Please log in to Bond Casino.
  • Click the "Join" button.
  • Please enable the welcome bonus.
  • Then make a deposit and complete.

Bonds Casino offers bonuses not only for the first deposit, but also for the second to fifth deposits!

In addition, you can get 100% the second time.

The betting requirements at Bonds Casino are not very high, so you can earn some pocket money!

Weekly rebate bonus

Bonds Casino Weekly Rebate Bonus
Weekly rebate bonus

Apart from the welcome bonus, we recommend the rebate bonus.

Some of the amount bet on real money will be refunded weekly and the refund rate will vary by rank.

Other ranks also have very low withdrawal requirements, so it's recommended that everyone is free to use them.

statusCasino gamesLive gameMinimum depositBet conditionsNumber of acquisitions
Novice10%5%100%6 ×Once a month
Regular10%5%100%5 ×Once a month
Bronze10%6%100%4 ×Once a month
Silver12%7%50%3 ×Once a month
Gold14%8%50%2 ×Once / 2 weeks
Platinum16%9%25%1 ×Once a week
Ultimate.20%10%25%0 ×Once a week
Bonds Casino Cashback Percentage

Additionally, the rebate bonus formula is (((total dollar rebates/100) x % per status) + 0.01) x % per game).

The percentage per game is as follows.

  • All slots = 100%
  • kazinovar, reddog = 10%
  • Games other than the above = 5%

It's difficult to get a lot of numbers, so you can understand it as a "bonus you can get according to your VIP rank".

Cash back

Bonds Casino Cash Back
Cash back

At Bonds Casino, you can get cash back according to the amount you lost!

See the table below for the percentage of cashback you can receive.

statusPercentage of gettingBet conditionsNumber of acquisitions
Novice0.05%6 ×Once a month
Regular0.1%5 ×Once a month
Bronze0.15%4 ×Once a week
Silver0.17%3 ×Once a day
Gold0.2%2 ×anytime
Platinum0.22%1 ×anytime
Ultimate.0.25%0 ×anytime
Bons CasinoRebate Bonus Percentage

This is a bonus that can be earned by losing within a month and can be used by anyone at a reasonable price, but please be aware that this is not an automatic grant and there are conditions to obtain it. !

Also, you cannot receive cashback unless you deposit 50% or more of the cashback amount.

Please note that the betting conditions are calculated as (required deposit + cashback amount) x betting conditions.

To enable cashback:

  • Please log in to Bond Casino.
  • Click the "Join" button.
  • Please enable cashback.
  • Next, make a deposit of 50% or more to complete.

Live roulette bonus

Bonds Casino Live Roulette Bonus
Live roulette bonus

The live roulette bonus is one of the bonuses displayed after registration.

Amount of moneyGames that can be usedBet conditionsdate of expiry
1,000 yenLive roulette20 times30th (*)
Details of Bonds Casino Live Roulette Bonus

*important point.. The expiration date is undecided, but we expect 30 days from the trends of other bonuses.

If you like roulette, I think it's a good bonus, so let's do our best!

To activate the Live Roulette Bonus:

  • Please log in to Bond Casino.
  • Click the "Join" button.
  • Please enable the live roulette bonus.
  • Then make a deposit and complete.

Other bonuses

Bonds Casino Other Bonuses
Other bonuses

Bonds Casino also occasionally offers many other bonuses.

Some of the bonuses we offer have not been announced in advance, such as by email, so be sure to visit the official website and check the checkbox next to the valid bonuses.

Previously, I earned free spins twice a week and occasionally earned a 100% deposit bonus.

There are also great bonuses, so be sure to get one!

Also note that the output conditions are different each time.

How to check available / working / usable bonuses

How to check the bonuses that can be used at Bonds Casino
How to check available bonuses

Perhaps you may be wondering, "I know what bonuses I can use, but how do I use them?"

You can easily check the Bonus Casino bonus from My Page Bonus.

Simply select the bonus you want to activate and click the "Activate" button!

If you accidentally activate it, do not rush to contact support.

You can cancel without any problems.

Bonus acquisition conditions

Bonds Casino Bonus Acquisition Conditions
Bonus acquisition conditions

Bonds Casino focuses on bonuses, so many bonuses are available at the casino.

To withdraw them, you must meet the withdrawal conditions of the bonus.

Therefore, the points for capturing the bonus (digesting the addition conditions) are as follows.

  • Play while using strategies in table games
  • Play low volatility slots
  • Play popular slots

Among the above, table games allow you to enjoy blackjack and baccarat whenever you want, and the strategy is easy to use.

In many cases, paying attention to table limits will meet the bonus criteria before you even notice.

There is also a bonus withdrawal limit.

However, it depends on the bonus, so please check carefully.

Things to keep in mind when receiving bonuses at Bonds Casino

Things to keep in mind when receiving Bonds Casino bonuses
Precautions when receiving bonuses

It's a Bonus Casino bonus, but there are some caveats to using it.

Keep in mind that breaking them can result in the entire bonus being forfeited.

Bets placed solely for the purpose of meeting wagering requirements may be void.

As a specific example below:

  • Bet red and black at the same time with roulette
  • Bet on almost everything on the table
  • Bet with the clear intention of making a large number of minimum bets (that is, just turn with the minimum bet)

In addition, it is prohibited to make the following bets in order to efficiently clear the betting conditions and to clear the betting conditions efficiently.

Bet at $ 5 to increase funds and then drop to less than half price

It is unnatural to bet a large amount ($ 5 or more) just to quickly increase the bonus funds and then significantly reduce the bet amount (usually less than half the price) without properly reducing the funds.

If you lose at least $5 and pay a large payout, the amount will clearly show as $5, so the strategy of reducing the bet amount to less than half and clearing the wagering and withdrawal requirements is against the rules.

Bet on 20% or more of the bonus provided

Also, the terms and conditions for bonus sports bets at Bonds Casino are as follows:

To protect against high-risk bonus bets, each bet must be 20% or less than 20% of the original amount of the valid bonus.

If a player bets a bonus and bets 20% or more of the original valid bonus amount, only 20% of the original valid bonus amount will be counted in the betting conditions.

If you bet more than 20% of the bonus amount granted, only 20% will be counted as a betting condition.

Looking only here, this is not a condition for betting, and the interpretation is that the bet itself is okay.

However, the first half says "to protect against high-risk bonus bets."

If you read this as usual, it says, "Bet within 20% of the bonus amount so as not to violate the rules."

In other words, bets with bonuses must be within 20%.

Bonus Many of the casino bonuses can also be used in table games, but I think it's pretty dangerous to bet big money on table games and use slot machines to digest them.

How to bet on Bonds Casino bonuses

How to bet on Bonds Casino bonuses

To bet a bonus at Bonds Casino, you need to follow these steps:

  • Earn a bonus after registration and confirmation.
  • Use the bonus while playing.
  • If you lose, the funds will be refunded to your account.

You can find out about your betting status in your personal account.

Bet conditions may vary from bonus to bonus.

You need to learn about them on each offer page of the Bonds Casino website.

Withdrawal method and bonus withdrawal conditions

How to withdraw bonuses at Bonds Casino
How to withdraw bonus

Each bonus has its own terms.

You need to carefully consider them before using them to display.

To understand how to withdraw bonuses from Bonds Casino, we recommend that you keep the following in mind:

Bet bonus fund

Each bonus comes with a stake.

This means that you need to play a certain number of times.

Suppose a bookmaker offers a bonus of 10,000 yen with a stake of 5.

This means that users have to bet a total of 50,000 yen.

After that, the money will be available for withdrawal.

Choose games and events carefully

Not all games count as bets.

Players are required to play certain games, depending on the terms of the offer.

You need to play a game that exceeds the minimum amount.

If the user does not comply with these requirements, the prize will not be counted.

Use bonuses on time

Bonus funds will be provided for a certain period of time.

If the user does not have time to bet, the bonus account will be cancelled.

Bonds Casino Bonus Digest Recommended Slots

To use the bonus withdrawal conditions of Bonds Casino, we recommend a slot called "Free Spins Purchase (BUY Function)".

If you buy free spins, you can pay a lot of money and suddenly start the bonus stage.

The amount is 100 times the stake, so it is necessary, but the bonus can be used up quickly in a short time.

The recommended slots where you can buy free spins are:

  • Sweet Boanza
  • Battle Dwarf
  • Iron Bank
  • Dead or Alive 2

You can also save on wasted bets, so you can aim for high payments in the shortest distance.

One of the attractions is that you can expect a stable dividend even if you do not enter the free spins because the medium dividend is set to be large.

Since you can use the strategy that suits your play style, it is recommended because you can gradually and slowly clear it in your own time!


Bonds Casino Bonus Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a banned game at Bonds Casino?

No games are banned at Bond Casino!

However, there are no banned games, so there are definitely banned items, so be sure to check before playing, especially when playing board games!

How to discard the bonus?

Want to reset the bonus? Want to cancel the bonus?

In this case, we will show you how to reject the bonus.

Here's how to reset the bonus:

  • Please log in to the official website.
  • Click the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Mark the bonus you want to cancel and click the "Delete" button.

that's all!

In fact, if you make a deposit after receiving a bonus or get tired of digesting on the way

I don't get a bonus!

The bonus appears on the gift page, but is it "unusable" or "unable to tap"?

In such cases, as a general rule, the possibility of error is high.

Please contact support using the following methods to inform them of your current situation.

To contact support:

  • Please go to the official website.
  • Click the "Support" button from the menu.
  • Enter the required information and content of your request and click the "Send" button.

Does the betting condition digestion rate differ depending on the game?

At Bonds Casino, betting conditions vary depending on the genre of the game.

The bonus digestion rates by genre are as follows:

  • Slot → 100%
  • Others (live casino, etc.) → 5%

Also, the digestibility may vary within the slot.

What should I do if I can't log in to Bonds Casino?

There are three reasons why you cannot enter Bonds Casino:

  1. If you don't know your "email address" or "password"
  2. Cannot log in due to temporary maintenance
  3. Account is suspended due to violation of terms of use, etc.

Regarding (1), you can easily re-register if you have an email address at the time of registration.

Regarding (2), there is no problem because it will be resolved after a certain period of time.

Regarding (3), it is possible that (1) and (2) do not match.

The reason for the freeze may be that you have created more than one account.

In this case, please contact Bonds Casino Customer Support Service, who cannot log in.


The first deposit bonus at Bonds Casino is 200%, which is significantly higher than other online casinos and there are many kinds of bonuses in the first place!

If you're playing at Bonds Casino you'll need to use the bonus, so keep an eye on the notes in this article and enjoy the game at a great price!