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Moon Princess

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About Moon Princess

With a unique overall look and some great features, Moon Princess is a fun slot. The three anime-style princesses look impeccable. At first glance, it may seem sweet, but it will only show its true power when it begins to function. They are powerful and powerful and can turn a minimal win into much more.

The Moon Princess may seem interesting in a blink of an eye, but you'll only realize how special this slot is when you realize the importance of its features. In addition to Girl Power, you'll never get tired of the number of additional features that can pop up at any time.

Most people will be pleased to hear that fans' favorites include free spins that can be triggered by clearing the grid. Then you can choose from three free spins options. This allows you to choose a high risk option with a low amount of spin. If you clear the grid again during the free spins, you will receive 200 coins. Not a bad prize as a potential addition to some already good free spins rewards.

Moon Princess also offers an impressive multiplier and the chance of an additional girl power trigger using the meter. Each time you land a princess symbol, the meter section fills up, triggering the Princess Trinity feature, which performs the power of three princesses to remove the symbol from the grid.

At first glance, it may seem a bit complicated to those who are used to classic slot games, but the rules of Moon Princess are easy to understand. Including fun features that occur relatively regularly makes everything much easier.

Most players can find what they like about this slot, whether it's in cascading grid format or the fact that it's packed with features. Being available as a free-to-play slot means that there's no reason why you shouldn't try Moon Princess yourself.