What is Bubinga, a binary options broker?

Binary Options Broker Bubinga Reviews

Trade name (name)NORTANA LTD
locationSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Establishedyear 2012
Minimum transaction amount100 yen
Minimum withdrawal amount$5

Bubinga began rolling out in Japan in 2022, but prior to that it was heavily traded in Europe. The exact opening date is unknown, but it seems to have been in business since around 2012.

Speaking of binary options brokers in Japan, it was around 2012, but the regulation has not started yet, and it seems that binary options are gradually spreading. However, the following year, domestic binary options firms were regulated and forced to change their trading rules, prompting traders to switch to overseas binary options where they could trade under existing rules.

By the way, the only binary options broker that was already in business at this time and is still in business today is HiLo (then HiLo or HiLo Australia). We are a long-established binary options broker.

As mentioned above, Bubinga has many achievements along with high-low, and it can be said that it is a binary options broker that can be used with confidence.

But what about other points of view?

What about user asset management?

Client funds used to provide services must be held in special client denominated accounts with reputable financial institutions around the world in the client's name. Client funds may be held in accounts at financial institutions outside of our jurisdiction, which may affect bankruptcy proceedings relating to these accounts and we will not use them for any other purpose. There is none. As a result, unsecured claims against financial institutions arise.

The above is an excerpt from the “Client Funds/Storage” section of the Bubinga Client Agreement. This means that user funds are held in secure financial institutions around the world in the user's name and managed separately from the Company's own funds.

The contract stipulates that this money will not be used as operating funds for Bubinga, so the sense of security is outstanding.

Having trouble withdrawing funds?

Regarding withdrawals, Bubinga recently entered the Japanese market, so we were unable to confirm any unbiased information available at this time. However, in the unlikely event that a withdrawal problem occurs, in extreme cases, if the funds are withdrawn from the customer's account (ignoring the above-mentioned terms of service), we will be forced to go out of business before doing business in Japan. It is not difficult to imagine that

However, in the unlikely event that there is a problem with withdrawals, in extreme cases, if funds are withdrawn from the customer's account (ignoring the above-mentioned terms of service), the business will be forced to go out of business before developing business in Japan. It is not difficult to imagine that

If there is a problem with the output, we live in an era where information is immediately disseminated. Conversely, if the processing is being performed normally, there is almost no need to raise your voice. In the future, if information such as "cannot withdraw with Bubinga" comes out, I will touch on it later, but so far there seems to be no worries.

However, depending on the conditions, it seems that the period from withdrawal application to processing may be slightly longer. More on this later.

What about support services?

Bubinga has been expanding overseas for some time, and support is available in Japanese.

Support is available via email, online customer support chat, or live chat. In addition, you can also get phone support by submitting a request via email during customer service hours.

Pre-registration is required, but currently only bubinga is available by phone.

Previously, Hirodo.com also supported phone support, but phone support ended in October 2022.

Introducing 7 benefits of Bubinga!


The best feature is the high performance trading tools.

Let's take a closer look!

Service contents will be updated according to the deposit amount!

Service contents are updated according to the amount of deposit

Bubinga has five accounts: Start, Standard, Business, Premium and VIP. Which account you get depends on how much you deposited.

The more you deposit, the more often you will be upgraded to an account with more services.

  • Deposit amount: The service contents differ depending on the deposit amount.
  • Tradeback: Refund a fixed amount of the lost amount.
  • Trading Assets: The number of types of instruments that can be traded.
  • Daily/Weekly Withdrawal Limit: Daily/Weekly Withdrawal Limit.
  • Per Request Limit: The maximum number of requests per transaction.
  • Withdrawal Requests: The average time it takes to process a request.
  • Trading Room: The availability of signal delivery.
  • Amount of concurrent open trades: The amount that can be traded at the same time.

When the account changes, the "tradeback ratio", "maximum withdrawal amount", "number of trading stocks", etc. will increase.

But you don't have to start with Premium or VIP to begin with.

If you are experienced in binary options, we recommend Business, and if you are a beginner, we recommend Start or Standard!

Get the first deposit bonus of 100%!

At Bubinga, you will receive a certain percentage of the deposit amount as a bonus when you deposit!

In addition, Bubinga allows you to cash out your bonus by trading 40 times the bonus amount received.

For example, if you receive a bonus of 5,000 yen after depositing, you will need 5,000 yen x 40 times = 200,000 yen to withdraw.

However, please note that the bonus will be forfeited if the funds are withdrawn before the conditions are met.

Bonus wagering requirements are strict and unrealistic. Think about it as much as you can.

Many ways to deposit and withdraw funds

Bubinga offers 18 deposit methods and 9 withdrawal methods.

Deposit and withdrawal methodpaymentWithdrawal
paypal PayPal
jcb logo JCB
bank transfer logo bank transfer
perfect money logo Perfect Money
sticpay logo SticPay
iwallet logo iWallet
tigerpay logo Tiger Pay
astropay logo AstroPay
bitcoin logo Bitcoin
litecoin logo Litecoin
ethereum logoEthereum
ripple logo Ripple
tether logo Tether ERC20
tether logo Tether TRC20

We recommend credit card payment, which is quick and convenient.

Cryptocurrencies or bank transfers are the preferred withdrawal methods. Cryptocurrency assets are often faster than bank withdrawal methods.

You can easily start with "minimum deposit amount $5, minimum transaction amount $1"!

Bubinga has a minimum deposit amount of $5 (~700 yen) and a minimum transaction amount of $1 (~140 yen), so it is easy to trade even with a small amount.

By the way, in High-Low Australia, the minimum deposit amount is 5,000 yen and the minimum transaction amount is 1,000 yen.

It is a binary options broker that can be recommended for beginners because you can challenge binary options with low risk.

Tradeback system that compensates for part of the loss

Tradeback is a system that compensates for some of the losses incurred in the previous week.

For example, if a standard account lost a total of $1,000 in the previous week, $50 will be returned as a tradeback as the standard refund is 5%.

Note that tradebacks apply to negative total P&L for the week, not individual trades.

Also, since the exchange from the VIP account can only be traded back in cash, you can withdraw even if you do not meet the bonus withdrawal conditions.

The features of the trade tool are high performance and ease of use!

Bubinga's trading tools are rich in functions and easy to use, and you can draw indicators and horizontal lines, so you can analyze the market without using MT4 / MT5.

Bubinga trading tools are versatile and easy to use.

Charts are available for regular forex candles as well as curves commonly used in binary options.

16 different indicators are available, including well-known ones like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD and more.

You can easily draw lines such as horizontal lines and trend lines, so you can do everything from market analysis to trading with just Bubinga.

Disadvantages of Bubinga


Conversely, what are the disadvantages of using bubinga?

Dollar-yen mixed due to funding

I thought everything was done in pure dollars until I actually signed up and saw the trading screen, but I was wrong.

Minimum transaction amount. On the Bubinga official website, it is written as "$ 1", but when trading in Japanese yen, it starts from 100 yen as shown above. Also, the minimum deposit amount seems to be set at 700 yen instead of $5.

Also, when I inquired, I was told that "Other than that, it follows the rate conversion."

In other words, if you try to explain the Bubinga Fund, it is inevitable that the explanation above will be a mixture of yen and dollars. Rewriting this section to Japanese Yen can be confusing, as exchange rates fluctuate daily. Please understand that the description is for that purpose.

Speaking of greed, it is true that I wanted Bubinga management to fix the figures around here in the Japanese yen trade.

Many parts are written in English, which makes it quite difficult to read in Japanese.

Bubinga's full Japanese release is scheduled for September 2022, and as of October 2022, some pages are in English only.

In particular, "Terms of Use", "Privacy Policy", and "Economic Indicators" do not support Japanese notation.

Also, the translated pages are a little hard to read and unnatural. However, this is not a blatant translation like a mechanical literal translation, so if you read carefully, you will have no problem understanding the content.

Registration required for demo trading

Demo trading is an important feature when dealing with binary options. Of course, Bubinga also has a demo trading feature.

However, to take advantage of demo trading, you must first open an account with Bubinga. Considering that other major binary options brokers allow demo trading without registration, the threshold is a bit high, I must say.

Slightly lower payout rate

Overall, Bubinga seems to have a slightly lower payout percentage.

As you can see, the payout percentage is 85% at best, not low, but not particularly high either. On the other hand, if you look below, you'll also find low-yielding stocks like 50% and 15%.

Bubinga's payout percentage is not constant and fluctuates from time to time, so depending on the timing, it may not look so low, but keep that in mind.

Stringent bonus wagering requirements

Bubinga offers bonuses in many forms, including fixed deposits, risk-free trading and reverse trading. However, the wagering requirements for this bonus are very strict.

The conditions are "exchange is 20 times the amount of the bonus received, otherwise 40 times the transaction amount". Even if the bonus withdrawal conditions are not met, the actual funds in the account can be withdrawn, but if you apply for withdrawal with the bonus, the bonus will disappear.

The point is that the bonus cannot be withdrawn directly, which is the same as Highroad.com, which uses the cashback system, but in the case of Highroad.com, the condition is ``transaction of the same amount as cashback'', which is It's a normal transaction. Then this is easily achieved, but the bubinga system is a bit unwieldy.

Pay attention to withdrawal fees and account maintenance fees

Generally, there are no fees for withdrawing profits from Bubinga. However, depending on the conditions, a high fee of 10% of the application amount will be charged.

If the transaction volume (total amount of all transactions) is less than twice the deposit amount, the withdrawal request amount of 10% cannot be paid.

In other words, if you deposit $ 500 (74,250 yen if it is around 148,500 yen as of October 17, 2022) to become a business account, you need to convert it to $ 1,000 (148,500 yen with the same settings), which is double. This means that fees can be deducted when withdrawing funds.

In addition, bank transfers and virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple can be used as payment destinations for Bubinga, but in the case of bank transfers, Bubinga procedures are performed according to the account classification as described above. Since it will be a remittance from an overseas bank, it may take about two weeks to receive the money.

However, this is common to all offshore based binary options brokers.

In addition to this, it is also important to note that Bubinga may have account maintenance fees.

If the Client is inactive for 90 days at the same time (“Inactive Account”), the account will be charged an annual maintenance fee of EUR 50 for unused credit balances. It should be made clear that the Service Fee shall not exceed the total balance of such inactive accounts.

If the Client is inactive for 90 days (“Inactive Account”), the Client's account will be charged an annual maintenance fee of EUR 50 for unused credit balances. It should be clarified that maintenance fees shall not exceed the total balance of such dormant accounts.

The EUR/JPY exchange rate as of October 17, 2022 is approximately JPY 144.5. In other words, if you do not touch your account for 90 days, a maintenance fee of 7,000 yen or more per year will be deducted from your account balance.

Of course, if your account balance is less than this amount, there is no problem, but after depositing funds to Bubinga, log in regularly and do not leave it unattended.

How to open a Bubinga account

Let's sign up for Bubinga.

How to open a Bubinga account

Above is the top page of Bubinga opened on a PC. There is an input form on the right side, so please select the account you want to link in ①, or set the email address and password in ②, and select the currency to use for the account in the "Select account currency" column below. Choose from Japanese Yen/Euro/US Dollar/Bitcoin/Litecoin. After that, please check "I agree: Terms of Service" below and proceed to "Create an account for free".

In the case of smartphones, there is a button "Create an account for free" or "Register" on the top page, so clicking it will display a similar form.

As of October 2022, the Terms of Service (Client Agreement) are written in English only. Please use the translation tool if necessary.

Confirmation of privacy policy and input of personal information

Bubinga Privacy Policy Confirmation and Personal Information Input

Click "Create an account for free" to move to the privacy policy confirmation screen. If you agree, select Agree and continue.

free bubinga creation

Then, the input form for "first name", "last name" and "phone number" will be displayed, so please enter the correct information. Finally, click “Start Trading” and you are ready to open an account.

Actually, there was a small problem at this stage. You can see in the image that the name input field has a warning of "more than 2 characters".

When I asked, they said, "If your name is one letter, please register it in Roman letters." Also, I was told that "you can change your personal information yourself before unsubscribing", but even here they only accepted more than 2 characters.

When I checked again, I was told that it would not affect future identity verification, so if the last name is one letter and the first name is one letter, please enter it in Latin letters.

Make sure you have "+81" on the left when you enter the phone number.

An international number unique to Japan that identifies the entered number as a phone number used in Japan.

Of course, if you live outside of Japan, choose the number that matches your region.

Authenticate your account

After registration is completed, the following email will be sent to the email address you entered at the time of registration.

 Authenticate your Bubinga account

Failure to confirm registration here may result in account suspension. After completing the registration process, check your email to confirm your registration.

Additional input of personal information and submission of supporting documents

After registering and verifying binary options broker Bubinga, enter the rest of your address and date of birth.

Additional input of personal information and submission of supporting documents

Go to My Page on the upper right and you will see the account balance of "Transaction" and "Deposit". If you go to "Contact" from there, you will jump to a page like the one above, so let's fill in the blanks accordingly.

Enter your date of birth in the Personal Information field next to Contact Information.

Let's introduce the necessity of identity verification documents familiar with overseas binary options. There is no problem with transactions before authentication, but it is necessary for withdrawals, so it is easier to create an account and authenticate in advance. It will take some time for the authentication to complete.

For reference, this time it took about a day from submission of documents to authentication at the time of account registration.

You can submit from "Identification documents" or "Documents" from the "Authentication" menu at the top of My Page.

  • passport
  • Driver's license
  • my number card
  • Certificate of residence
  • Basic Resident Register card
  • Residence card

Six types of identity verification documents can be submitted.

How to trade on Bubinga

Let's see how binary options work with Bubinga.

How to trade Bubinga

When you enter the system or press the "Trade" button on the top right of "My Page", the trade screen will open. You can return to My Page from this page by clicking the icon to the left of your balance.

A brief description is included, but let's take a look at each.

The following explanation is mainly for PC access, but the same operation is possible when accessing from a smartphone by changing the layout slightly.

Set trading instruments and settlement times

If you press the ① part, a list of financial products that can be traded and a list of withdrawal rates for each billing period will be displayed.

Set trading instruments and settlement times

To select a product, first decide which product you want to trade, then select a withdrawal rate next to it. This is what you see on the chart. If there are two types of withdrawal rates, the left side is the withdrawal rate for "Decision period: 1 to 5 minutes", and the right side is the withdrawal rate for "Determination period: 5 minutes or more".

Binary options broker Bubinga also allows you to choose multiple financial instruments at the same time.

If you click the ⊕ mark on the left side of ②, you can add it by the same procedure as above. To switch charts, click the product you want to display.

Also, up to 4 charts can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen on the left ②.

How to trade on Bubinga

Of course, the indicator can be used properly, and each element is arranged for each element necessary for trading, so it is useful when trading various products, trading synthetic currency pairs, and looking at the original dollar street. To do.

Financial instruments that can be traded on Bubinga

The financial products available as of October 2022 are as follows.

currency pairGBP/USD
CryptocurrencyCRIPT IDX

As such, there are many options available.

However, please note that there are many items that cannot be selected depending on the account type, and items that can only be exchanged for an evaluation period of "1 to 5 minutes" or "more than 5 minutes". Also, be aware that the stocks that can be traded change depending on the time of day.

Chart display settings

While previous trading screens displayed price movements as area charts, Bubinga's trading screen supports a variety of indicators and chart formats.

Therefore, candlestick charts, multiple SMAs with different reference periods, MACD, parallel lines, trendlines and Fibonacci retracement levels are also supported.

Use ③ to install them. On the left side, you can set "Chart type (Curve area/Candlesticks/Bars/Curve)", "Measurement period for candlesticks and bars", "Line and area drawing" and "Indicator".

You can also change the value of ④ or change the width of the chart with - or + at the bottom center of the chart.

Available indicators

The indicators available on the trading screen of Binary Options Broker Bubinga are:

Parabolic SAR
bollinger bands
oscillator systemRSI
awesome oscillator

Unfortunately, there was no Ichimoku Kinko Hyo or moving average deviation rate, but the necessary and sufficient indicators are available.

Advanced balance and trading settings

⑤ Your account balance will be displayed. A demo account is set up on the screen, but this switch is also done at this point. In addition to the account status displayed under the balance, if the text color of the balance and deposit button is blue, it is a demo account, and if the text color is green and the button is orange, it is a live account. You can tell the difference at a glance.

If you are in a tournament, switch to your tournament account here.

The image is a demo transaction, and the initial account balance is 100,000 yen. Of course, this number can be reset, and when it falls below 100,000 yen, an update mark will appear on the right side of the balance, so click it to return to the original amount.

If the balance exceeds 100,000 yen, it will not be displayed.

The evaluation period set in ⑥ can be freely adjusted to some extent within the evaluation period selected in ①.

If you select "1 to 5 minutes" in ①, you can select the calculation time in units of 1 minute from now to 5 minutes, and the calculation time in units of about 2 days.

In ⑦, decide the purchase price of the option. When trading Bubinga in Japanese yen, the minimum option premium is 100 yen, but the maximum premium depends on the account type.

Once you have decided, press the ⑧ input direction arrow to complete the input.

For regular trades, option premiums start at ¥100, while for tournament trades the minimum is $1.

All other required withdrawal procedures and access to information are centralized on the left side of the trading screen.

What is the entry deadline?

Binary options trading at Bubinga Binary Options Broker is time-based trading regardless of the time period.

This means, for example, that in a high-low turbo trading mode, the time range displayed is from entry to exit, and this range remains the same no matter when you enter. On the other hand, in the case of high-low trading, the entry acceptance start time and settlement time are fixed, and options are purchased during this time period (precisely between the acceptance start time and lock time).

All bubinga trades are the same as last time, 1 minute 5 minutes before and 5 minutes before trades over 5 minutes can enter up to 30 seconds before the original country.

High Low Australian Exchange for Overseas Binary Options

Overseas binary options high-low Australia is a foreign company that Japanese people love!

Offshore Binary Options Hi-Lo Australia is an offshore binary options broker operated by HLMI Ltd in the Marshall Islands. With the ease of withdrawal and the ease of use of the platform, even beginners can use it with confidence, making it the No. 1 foreign operator for Japanese users. In January 2022, a large-scale platform update will be implemented, and the trading environment will be significantly updated!

Binary Options Broker Bubinga Summary

Bubinga is the newest company in Japan, but has long established itself as a global binary options broker.

Bubinga Binary Options has advanced user protection mechanisms such as tournaments and tradeback systems.

Bubinga is a binary options broker that has just started to expand in Japan and is not yet well known or recognized by users.

There is a unique profit system such as trading floors and tournaments, and you can start trading and depositing at a reasonable amount, so if you want to try it out, create an account.