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Florida Sports Betting Initiative reports promising signature collection

Florida Sports Betting Initiative reports promising signature collection

Posted: December 30, 2021, 11:48 h.

Last updated: December 30, 2021, 12:17 h.

Devin O & #039; Connor

Proponents of the Florida Sports Betting InitiativeWe expect to get the necessary signatures from the residents of the state to enforce a referendum on the expanded game topic of. ..

Florida sports betting Seminole DeSantis
The Bet MGM Sportsbook in the Las Vegas Strip Aria .. Florida is once again a bystander of sports betting, but referendum efforts hope to change that in the mid-Autumn 2022. (Image: Wikimedia)

The Federal Judge's revised Game Compact arrived in November between the Seminoles and Governor Rondesantis (R). The amended Class III Tribal Gaming Agreement gives the powerful Seminole and its six athletics casinos exclusive rights to athletics and online sports betting.

DC District Judge Dabney Friedrich has determined that the US Home Office has misapproved the new Seminole Gaming Compact. In addition to sports betting, the updated compact was intended to allow Seminole to add roulette and dice games to the game repertoire.

Friedrich has raised the issue with DeSantis and the states that allow tribes to carry out mobile sports betting. The agreement stipulates that as long as the computer server that promotes the online sportsbook is in the sovereignty of the tribe, it will be approved. A federal judge concluded that allowing bettors to bet anywhere in the state violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

Seminole has appealed the decision to the US Court of Appeals on the District of Columbia Circuit.

People in Control

Another legal concern about DeSantis and Seminole's efforts to give the tribe exclusive rights to sports betting is the Florida Constitution.

2018 Florida voters have passed a constitutional amendment that gives people "exclusive rights to decide whether to allow casino gambling." .. Voter management for gambling amendments requires the majority of voters to approve legislative efforts to legalize commercial casinos.

The constitutional amendment also empowers Florida citizens only to decide whether to expand gambling within the state. This includes new games including sports betting at tribal casinos.

With this amendment, Florida voters will have the exclusive right to decide whether to allow casino gambling in Florida. "Casino Gambling" means any type of game commonly found in casinos and included in the definition of Class III games in the Federal Indian Gaming Regulations Act. "The fix states.

The Florida Education Champions, a political action committee, is leading a campaign to ask 2022 voters if they want to legalize sports. A bet on the Seminole. Voting questions also apply to parimutuel facilities and professional sports venues.

Campaign update

Florida Education Champion is responsible for the initiative 17-13, seeking sports approval and event betting. Campaign spokesperson Christina Johnson explains that she expects to collect what she needs. 891,589 Signature to force voting questions.

"I'm confident that we have enough signatures to meet the 2022 deadline on February 1st," Johnson said.

However, Johnson acknowledges that the group has less than one-third of the required signatures it has verified so far. The Secretary of State of Florida has verified 247,680 signatures. Johnson revealed that the organization has a large number of signatures awaiting verification by state authorities.

If the initiative moves to vote and gets a majority of the percentage, sports betting will be legal in Florida. This initiative requires that tax revenues generated from sports gambling be allocated to public education.