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DraftKings pinch out unexploded ordnance revenue, guidance, NFL losses

DraftKings pinch out unexploded ordnance revenue, guidance, nfl losses

The stock price of DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) is investigating the lowest level since May. That's after online sportsbook operators posted wider-than-expected third-quarter losses and provided 675 guidance. Analysts see it as disappointing.

DraftKings earnings
DraftKings ad, see above. DraftKings shares are sluggish due to sluggish earnings. Investors also don't like the 2021 outlook. (image:Daily advent)

In the noon trading, stocks were 2.5% off in volume, which is almost double the daily average, showing a decrease of almost 9% in the past month. DraftKings said it had lost $ 1 before the US market opened today. 35$ Revenue Share *) Million in September quarter. Analysts expected a loss of $ 1. About the sale of 06$236. 6 million.

The unobtrusive report prompted operators to tighten their 675 topline forecasts. We expect to earn $ 1. $ 241 billion to $ 1.261 billion, compared to $ 1 in previous guidance. From $ 211 billion to $ 1.29 billion.

This guidance reflects strong results to date, with the launch of a newly completed state and proven ability to attract users and efficiently acquire customers. The impact of the launch of a new state after November 5 is not included 2021, "According to the company.

That forecast is from a percentage to 99 percent, which is equal to year-over-year growth.

Some expected disappointments, 1200 guidance OK

Up to the DraftKings earnings report, some analysts pointed to loose data from some rivals as a sign that operators are ready to be disappointed, which could be unexploded ordnance. I warned.

Home luck in the NFL game was part of DraftKings' poor performance in the third quarter. The quarter featured just a few weeks of NFL games, but operators said revenue for that period was hampered by the success of the bettor's NFL.

"On the same state basis, Q3 earnings were $, mainly considering lower-than-expected holds from NFL game results.

was. It's a million expensive, "the company said.

This trend does not appear to diminish as the operator's year-round forecast includes $. A million negative earnings impact primarily caused by clients who won the NFL action in October.

In the case of 2022, the company estimates revenues of $ 1.7 billion to $ 1.9 billion, which represents a year-43 percent annual growth. Wall Street expects $ 1.8.1 billion.

"This range is oursIt is based on the same assumptions used for. Guidance (including no impact from the launch of a new state after November 5th), 2021, "According to the company.

DraftKings is still losing money

DraftKings Average Monthly Unique Player (ARP MUP) Revenue $47 Q3 — a38 Year-over-Year Growth. However, operators remain unprofitable.

DraftKings is currently unprofitable and concerns about when it will change have been in the minds of investors for some time. The wisdom of the consensus is that the company is 2023 on an interest, tax, depreciation and pre-amortization profit (EBITDA) basis. However, there is disagreement that at least one analyst will not happen until 2025. )

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