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Spotlight Sports partner with Spanish sports media brand Diario AS, US next possibility

Spotlight sports partner with Spanish sports media brand diarioas, USA next possibility

Posted: December 14, 2021, 09:08 h.

Last updated: December 15, 2021, 02:05 h.

Erik Gibbs

The Spotlight Sports Group, a company focused on sports technology, content and media, is once again in the limelight. The company has partnered with Spain-based Diario AS to promote the latter activity in the sports arena.

Diario AS
Diario AS office in Spain. Sports media companies are deploying Spotlight Sports to enhance user engagement. (Image: Diario AS)

Diario AS is a sports publisher that reports on football and other sports. Since 1967. Behind several publications and online sites, including AS.com.

Spotlight, the owner of Racing Post, brings that expertise to Diario AS. The purpose is to provide the latter with Spanish sports betting content, technology and artificial intelligence based content.

Through this partnership, Spotlight Sports Group is positioned as a leading provider of sports betting affiliate and engagement technology. Throughout the world's publishing sector "Harry von Behr, Spotlight MD (Sports) and Co-US CEO, said:

Diario AS is a subsidiary of the media conglomerate PRISA. The company has a long list of newspapers, television networks and radio stations throughout Spain.

Diario AS gives Spotlight access to additional resources controlled by these assets, potentially further expanding its portfolio. There are already betting tips that will become a major component of US sports coverage within a few years.

U.S. eyes

This enhancement could also be attractive to well-financed investors outside the United States. With billions of dollars in public offerings in sports betting spaces, Spotlight can look at the same.

Spotlight already offers solutions in over 70 languages around the world. We also work with some of the largest sportsbooks in the industry to build B2B operations.

We released the Publisher Solution Suite in September, offering new options including extension widgets and affiliate marketing options.

A few months ago, Spotlight also acquired the California-based FAMedia LLC, the company behind the Alarm Sports Network. It also links to Pickwise, a sports betting content provider. These relationships will allow the company to strengthen its base in the United States and further deepen its market entry.

The spotlight looks like a global audience

Spotlight claims to be working on developing a global presence that will allow it to dominate the sports betting industry. Recently, we have strengthened our product range to achieve that goal.

The alleged improvements and enhanced global status may not only make it more status. Exponent, the private equity firm behind Spotlight, was told that it might be willing to accept the sale.