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South Dakota's Deadwood Sportsbook was fined months after its launch

South Dakota's Deadwood Sportsbook was fined months after its launch

Posted: December 13, 2021, 08:43 h.

Last updated: December 13, 2021, 09:48 h.

Devin O & #039; Connor

The Deadwood Sportsbook began betting in mid-September. In less than three months, odds makers face a series of fines for violating state regulations.

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The Bet MGM Sportsbook at Tin Lizzie in Deadwood will be seen in October 2021. South Dakota game regulators have stated that several sportsbooks have violated sports betting regulations since such operations began in September. (image:South Dakota Public Broadcasting)

Sports betting is currently operated on the premises of five Deadwood Casinos (Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort, Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort, Gold Dust Casino, Mustang Sally's and Deadwood Mountain Grand). .. Sportsbooks will soon appear in The Lodge at Deadwood, Gold Country Inn, and Deadwood Station Bunkhouse.

However, the South Dakota Gaming Commission has stated that there have been numerous regulatory sportsbook violations since the first legal bet was made on September 9. Bet on the upper limit of sports.

During the 2020 elections, South Dakota voters will provide percent support to legalize sports betting in 58 Deadwood. Sports betting is only permitted within the historic Black Hills Gold Rush Town and in the sovereignty of Native American-owned tribes who own state and Class III game compacts.

Sports betting violation

The South Dakota Gaming Commission states that there are at least six reports of licensed Deadwood sportsbooks making single bets in excess of $ 1 000. Four of the five operational sportsbooks are cited.

Game regulators say Tin Lizzie's BetMGM Sportsbook employees mistakenly accepted a $ 1 single bet 300, $ 1,500, and $ 3,000 NFL games. Gold Dust has also made it easier to bet $ 1,550 on NFL games. Cadillac Jack is 1TP 2T 1, 300 and 1TP 2T 3,Better's NFL ticket slip is said to have been printed. Deadwood Mountain Grand Odds Maker, Game Regulator, claims to have mistakenly accepted futures action in the 2022 MLB World Series.

South Dakota regulations on sports betting allow futures to bet on the NBA, NFL, and NHL, but strangely not allowed by MLB. It will change in the near future. But for now, betting on such MLB futures is prohibited.

However, sportsbooks do not face high fines. Instead, the game committee tells the odds maker $150 to $.

I have been fined up to. Against fraudulent bets.

However, TinLizzie has been penalized with $ 2,500 for disabling $ 1, betting on 500NFL games and not immediately notifying the game committee of regulatory violations. For 02 months, if Tin Lizzie succeeds in avoiding the next regulatory failure, the Game Commission will refund $ 2 $ 1,500 500 punishment.

Sports betting driving business

Despite the sportsbook fines, legal sports gambling is helping Deadwood Casino.

The Deadwood Gaming Association reported a rise in total gambling revenue (GGR) in September, at a percentage from 142019, citing sports betting to play a role in profits. DGA President Microdman added that Deadwood Resort experienced a significantly higher occupancy rate in September 2021 compared to September 2020. ..

October was even better as GGR rose year-on-year at 14.5 percent. The odds maker is $815, 000 with a bet that month.

According to Rodman, the Gaming Association will seek approval for additional sports betting at the South Dakota Committee on the Gaming Public Conference scheduled for later this week. In addition to MLB futures, Rodman states that the association will demand more offers in college sports, par-rabetting, and in-game gambling.